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We offer the opportunity to organisations to organise special workshops that aligned with the conference theme. Please complete This Application Form and send it with workshop material to workshops@atcdt.org

“How to Produce Radioactive Gold Nanoparticles  (Experimental Part of the Production)”

Prof. Dr. Kattesh Katti

Dr. Amal Yousif Al-Yasiri

Organised by Prof. Dr. Kattesh Katti, University of Missouri- Columbia-USA & Dr. Amal Yousif Al-Yasiri, College of Dentistry – University of Baghdad 

In recent years, there has been increasing interest in radioactive nanotechnology for cancer therapy and imaging. This interest stems from properties of radioactive nanoparticles that allow therapeutic nanoparticles to be designed and created to match the size of tumor vasculature, allowing oncologists to achieve optimal therapeutic payload with homogenous distribution and minimum leakage of radioactivity from the target site.

This workshop covers the following:

  • Explain a new protocol to produce radioactive gold nanoparticles by using phytochemical reducing agent mangiferin (which is extracted from Mango fruit) in order to use them to treat and image cancer.
  • Explain a new protocol to produce radioactive 199Au- nanoparticles by using sodium citrate as reductant and stabilizing agent in order to use them for imaging purposes.

Alitkan Solutions for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy”

Alitkan Medical Company

Organised by Alitkan Medical Company

This workshop covers the following:

  • SIEMENS for imaging systems.
  • VARIAN for radiotherapy solutions.
  • IBA for Cyclotrons.
  • MAQUET for operating theatres.
  • GETINGE group for sterilization solutions.
  • Enraf for physiotherapy.
  • KarlStorz for endoscopies.

Hybrid Approach Based Feature Selection for MRI Brain Tumor Classification”

Iraqi Laser Scientist Society


Organised by Iraqi Laser Scientist Society

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the brain tumor is one of the serious diseases, where
large number of people around the world including the children are affected by this disease. Developing a
system to detect brain tumor in an early stage is crucial to save the life of many people. This workshop will cover the following:

  • A hybrid Principal Component and Rough Set theory(PCA+RST) approach is proposed to reducing the dimension in the data set. The approach is evaluated using ADNT and OASIS standard databases. The novelty of the proposed new hybrid PCA+RST approach is to obtain the most significant features for enhancing classification algorithms. Four classification algorithms namely J48, Support Vector Machine (SVM), K-nearest neighbour (KNN) and Naive Bayes have been implemented.
  • Evaluation and comparison of the proposed approach with alternative approaches like DWT+SVM, DWT+PCA+ANN, DWT+PCA+KNN, STRSPOS-QR+J48 and STRSPOS-QR+Naive
    Bayes is presented. The proposed approach outperforms both these approaches.

“Philips Solutions in Digital Pathology”

Al-Bahja Scientific Bureau

Organised by Al-Bahja Scientific Bureau

This workshop covers the following:

  • Introduce you to Philips UFS which is a dedicated scanner designed for scanning and digitization of tissue glass slides and it designed around the needs of pathologists.
  • Introduce you to an integrated Digital Pathology Solution which comprises to the Philips Ultra Fast Scanner (UFS) and the Philips Image Management System (IMS).

“Multidisciplinary Team Approach in the Management of Advanced Breast Cancer” 

Dr. Miaad Al-Attar

Dr. Omar Qassid

Organised by Dr. Miaad Al-Attar DMRD, FRCR, Consultant Radiologist & Dr. Omar Layth Qassid FRCPath(UK), iFCAP(USA) Consultant Histopathologist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, UK

This workshop covers the following:

  • Describe the concept of Multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Explain the importance of this approach with particular emphasis on patients with advanced breast cancer.
  • Imaging work up for advanced breast cancer patients.
  • MDT examples- Case based discussion with imaging / pathology correlation.

“Radiotherapy of Breast Cancer and Vulvar Cancer”

Dr. Hayder Altamimi

Dr. Kussai Altamimi

Organised by Dr. Hayder Altamimi Physician at Helios Hospital Cuxhaven, Germany & Dr. Kussai Altamimi Gynocologist in  Schönebeck Elbe Hospital, Germany

This workshop covers the following:

  • Present several breast and vulvar cancer cases and show the indications for radiotherapy.

  • Explain the international guideline regarding radiotherapy indications in Mamma Karzinom (breast cancer) and Vulvar cancer.

E-Learning and Consultant, IT Solutions in Oncology Centers “

Tobias Joschko

Organised by Tobias Joschko,
Modern Medical Solutions, Germany