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Prof. Mohammed Al-Uzri

“The Role of Psychiatry in Cancer Care

By Prof. Mohammed Al-Uzri     

Cancer is associated with significant and wide ranging mental health problems. Timely and appropriate mental health assessment for cancer patients is integral part of care provided to those patients. Mental health support and treatment have proven to enhance outcome for both mental and physical health. Treatment for cancer patients is aimed at reducing distress for such patients and treats any psychiatric morbidity. Treatment options include psychological therapies and medication depending on the presenting symptoms. Therefore, it is crucial that mental health needs is addressed early when establishing cancer care services.


Prof. Mohammed Al-Uzri  , MBChB, M Med Sci, FRCPsych, MD. Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Medical Director (Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust) and Honorary Chair (University of Leicester). Royal College of Psychiatrists roles: Deputy Director for International Affairs and Specialist Advisor on Medical Training Initiative.