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Dr. Nabaa Naji

“Academic Programmes and Clinical Practice Status of Medical Physics in Iraq

By Dr. Nabaa Naji

Improving the medical physics sub-specialities in Iraq and raising the standards of medical care for the cancer patients becomes a necessity to keep pace with the rapid development in the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in the world as well the invention of new modern devices. The current situation of the medical physics academic programmes and the clinical practice of the medical physicists witness many challenges that reduced the quality of the health services that introduced to the patients by the medical physicists. Adding to that, the establishment of new radiotherapy centres in the Iraq provinces requires modern equipment and a qualified medical physicists staff to manage them with the best standards. There is a need to create a real research environment and providing the research tools to identify the risks factors and causes of many cancer types in Iraq.


Dr. Nabaa Naji is a medical physicist and teaching staff member of Al-Mustansiriyah Medical College. She has started her practical life as a physicist demonstrator in the Medical Physics Laboratory. Two years later she joined the MSc. Program in Medical Physics Unit of Al-Mustansiriyah Medical College and get the MSc. Dgree with excellent grade. She was directly continued her academic study and joined the Ph.D program in Medical Physics, due to her excellence that she showed during the course stage of the Ph.D study in this field she honored a research scholarship to France to accomplish the Ph.D research in the Charle-Nicole teaching hospital under the supervision of Iraqi and French professors and she awarded the Ph.D in 2007.

She believed in the necessity of growing the medical physics specialty in Iraq and the importance of improving the quality of the Iraqi medical physicists to play a significant role in raising the standards of the medical care especially to the cancer patients. For this goal, she worked hard to establish the Iraqi Medical Physics Society (IMPS) . This achievement has been enhanced when the IMPS became a member of the Middle East Federation of Medical Physics (MEFOMP) and the International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP). Dr.Nabaa Naji is now a member of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), the MEFOMP, the Iraqi Cancer Board (ICB)

Her efforts have extended to reactivate the on hold MSc. Study in Al-Mustansiriyah medical college, and the establishment of new MSc. Program in Al-Nahrain medical college. She is also contributed in revising and re-structuring the curriculums of medical physics under and post graduate studies in the Iraqi universities.
Dr.Nabaa Naji supervised many MSc. Thesis and researches in the fields of radiotherapy, dosimetry, radiation protection, laser applications in medicine and other fields of health physics which are all published in international journals and websites: https://ORCID.org , https://scholar.google.de/citations. Moreover she had a contribution in editing and translating a chapter of the ICRP Arabic translated report Nr. 105 in 2011 in collaboration with MEFOMP members.

In addition to the scientific achievements she had an effective role in the Iraqi community development programs, she served as a team leader for the International Relieve and Development Organization (IRD)/ USAID/ community action program for six years, she identified and implemented more than 200 projects in different neighborhoods of Baghdad province, these projects included the rehabilitation of destroyed schools, hospitals and other governmental institutions and supply them with required equipment to ensure performing the work and introduce different services to the Iraqis in different communities. Her activities were recognized and evaluated both by the donors and the Iraqi government by awarding her many appreciation and thankful letters.