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Dr. Fadi Abbas

Genomics in Oncology

By Dr. Fadi Abbas

Genomics in cancer management, became the new standard of care in the  oncology wards of the advanced centers in the Western Hemisphere. Dealing on daily basis with next generation sequencing reports became a reality. This shift of paradigm in tackling the pathology and biology of malignancies from microscopic descriptions, and immunohistochemistry to next generation sequencing and genomics, proteomics, RNA analysis will create new nosological entities and new taxonomy of cancer in the coming future and therefore new therapeutic clusters. Old classifications are no more satisfactory, and will become history.

A new language will appear, more adequate to reflect this huge conceptual evolution in our understanding of tumor biology, that would oblige every cancer specialist to master in order to give the best standard of care for his cancer patients. 

New testing technologies should be mastered and new laboratories generation should be built and acquired in our region,  in order to keep up with the international standards and guidelines that are integrating the NGS and genomics in the standard of care and treatment choices.


Dr. Fadi Abbas, Fellow of the French Academy of Medecine, MD in 1998, speciality in Clinical Hematology and Oncology, in 2003, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France. Assistant Professor in Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris. Fundamental research interest in cancer genetics, Lecturer in Internal Medecine Department, Beirut Arab University. CEO and founder of the Middle East Tumour Institute, And Beirut Genomics Clinics.